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For regional searches within the United States:

The best way to search is first by Zip Code. Simply type in your zip code and nothing more. The system will automatically display all the therapists whose zip code starts with the first three digits. The results will be therapists all around your area, not just those specifically in your zip code area. This is particularly helpful in large cities with many zip codes within a 10 mile radius.

Example: If you type in zip code 32958, the system will display all therapist whose zip code starts with 329.

World Class Instructors!

Direct contact during our certification courses, small groups, highly trained and certified instructors with many years of experience in education and treatment, as well as up-to-date teaching technologies assure a maximum learning experience for participants in our programs.

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Founder: Joachim Zuther

Our founder, Joachim Zuther, has remained an integral part of our course development and ensuring the future education of lymphedema treatment is at the forefront of scientific discoveries.

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Virtu Arora, ACOLS Instructor

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