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Marina received her doctoral degree in 2011 from Shenandoah University in Virginia; and her BA in Physical Therapy in 1988 from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Marina is licensed as a DPT and was certified as a wound specialist by the Natl. Alliance of Wound Care (NAWC) in 2004. She specializes in wound care, lymphedema therapy and vascular rehabilitation, and has extensive experience in management and leadership. Marina is currently working at Baptist Hospital and various home health agencies in Miami, FL. Throughout her career, Marina has worked for several hospitals under various positions, including Assistant Director of the Rehabilitation Department, Director of the Lymphedema Program, Clinical Coordinator and Wound Care Center Supervisor. She received her certification as a MLD/CDT therapist from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in 1996 and has been dedicated to lymphedema and wound care ever since. Since 1995 she has lectured about lymphedema, wound care and vascular rehabilitation in South American countries at different congresses and symposiums of Phlebology and Lymphology. Dr. Maduro joined the Academy of Lymphatic Studies as an instructor in 2007.  Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


Kristin graduated with a doctorate of Physical Therapy from Central Michigan University in 2008. She completed her CLT training in 2010 through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. Since that time she was worked full time in a hospital based outpatient therapy setting, treating all forms of lymphedema and vascular related patient diagnoses. She joined ACOLS in 2021 as an instructor and is excited to travel, meet new clinicians and educate them on the comprehensive treatment of patients with lymphedema. Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


Danette graduated from Texas Woman's University in 1988 with a bachelor of science in physical therapy. She became a certified lymphedema therapist in 2011 and received her advanced lymphedema management in 2019 both through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. Danette works at a regional hospital in South Mississippi where the lymphedema, lipedemia population, as well as vascular disorders are often undiagnosed and under served. She works to bring a more comprehensive treatment approach to these populations by educating, not only her patients but also the local medical professionals. Danette joined the Academy of Lymphatic Studies as an instructor in 2021 and plans to continue educating other health care professionals in the proper management of lymphedema. Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


Trudy is the Coordinator of the Lymphedema Program at Aventura Hospital, Aventura, FL. She received her BS in Physical Therapy in 1991 from the University of Toronto, Ontario. She pursued her Master's Degree in Health Services Administration at Nova Southeastern University and is a licensed Physical Therapist in Canada as well as the United States. Trudy coordinates the Lymphedema Management Program at Aventura Hospital in Aventura, FL where her focus has been on the promotion of Lymphedema Care at support groups and facility meetings. Trudy joined the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in 1999 as an Associate Instructor, she is also a faculty member of a private college in Fort Lauderdale, Florida a member of the APTA, FPTA, NLN and the American College of Healthcare Executives. Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


My journey as an Occupational Therapist started in 2001, after graduating from the University of Florida.  During the course of my career, I've worked in all settings from mental health, school systems, to the short term rehab setting.  But it was in 2014, when I was working in the home health care setting that I had the opportunity to get trained through ACOLs to work with lymphedema patients.  From that point, my passion grew to work with this patient population into the hospital and outpatient settings, where I was able to get even more exposure to various stages of lymphedema and intensive wound care techniques.  In 2020, I  became a part of the Mayo Clinic team where I currently specialize in Oncology and Lymphedema.  I assist in gathering data for Lymphedema related research studies involving Lymphovenous Bypass surgeries as well as participate in Lymphedema Surveillance with current and previous patients.  In March 2023, I initiated my own research project which will be a retrospective study on exploring the effectiveness of compression alternatives in the intensive phase of CDT. Although my career has brought me so much joy, I take even more pride in being a wife and a mother to my two sons.  My older son even mentioned that he might like to be a therapist one day. I am thrilled to join the ACOLs team as it is with this school where my training began.  I look forward to being part of the movement in getting more clinicians trained so that we can see the treatment of Lymphedema move even more into the forefront and as an ultimate result give this patient population the recognition that is needed. Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


Laura received her MS in Kinesiology and Physiatry from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1996 and she is a licensed PT in the State of Florida. She received her University Professor Degree from Barcelo University in 2002 and has lectured about lymphedema, MLD and rehabilitation of patients with venous disorders at different seminars and congresses. She has also instructed physical therapy students at different universities in Buenos Aires. Since 1996 she has been dedicated to the training and education in lymphedema management (MLD and Compression therapy) in South American countries and the US. She has worked for several medical centers and hospitals coordinating lymphedema treatment programs and support groups in Florida. She is currently working with home health patients and she is the Director of Kinetic Rehab, Inc. in Miami, FL. Laura received her training in MLD/CDT at the Academy of Lymphatic Studies.


Virtu Arora has been a practicing for over 25 years as a Physical Therapist and is currently working for Stanford Health Care-Valley Care. She became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in 2006 and has been working passionately with Lymphedema patients ever since. Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None



Meenu Jethwani has been a practicing Occupational Therapist for over 30 years. She became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in 2007 and has been working passionately with Lymphedema patients ever since. Meenu was the first to establish several Lymphedema clinics in North Central Florida region that has served thousands of patients. Meenu Jethwani is the Founder and Executive Director of HELP - an organization fighting for lymphedema patients, increasing awareness, and providing direct support for patients. She has been featured in the media, authored guest articles, and led lymphedema awareness programs for both healthcare providers and the general public. Over the course of her career, she has worked in a broad diversity of roles, establishing lymphedema management programs in multiple nursing homes, home healthcare and leading outpatient rehabilitation centers. She currently leads the lymphedema program for her employer and has now joined the Academy of Lymphatic Studies as an instructor in March, 2021. Meenu continues to draw upon and add to her comprehensive repertoire furthering her involvement in lymphedema treatment, advocacy, and education. Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


Tracy began work as a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas in 2004. She concentrated in orthopedic and pain management facilities while pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Sports Science from Texas State University. She obtained her CLT certification in January 2017 and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Texas State University later that year. She started her career as a Physical Therapist in an outpatient hospital based facility. Her full time focus is on Lymphedema management and prevention in Waco, Texas. She enjoys serving Oncology populations, primarily breast cancer and head & neck cancers. She also created a lower extremity program to serve the greater Waco area. Her passions include educating clinicians to raise awareness of Lymphedema and the opportunity to care holistically for people. Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


Nevein received her medical degree/bachelor’s degree in Internal Medicine and Surgery (MB. ChB) from Tanta University Medical School in Egypt. She practiced medicine as a Certified Dermatologist, specializing in Dermatology, Venerology, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, for several years in Egypt before moving to the United States. After relocating to the States, she earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Florida A& M University. During her DPT education, she got fascinated with lymphedema, wound care management, and vestibular Rehab. She received her Certification in Complete Decongestive Therapy training and Advanced Lymphedema Management training with the Academy. Since then, she has been practicing as a CLT-ALM at Tallahassee Memorial Outpatient Neuro Rehab-Lymphedema Clinic. Nevein has 20+ years of experience in the medical field playing different roles in the preventive healthcare models, both in Egypt and in the United States. In addition, she participated as a co-researcher in multiple medical research on diverse dermatological diagnoses in Egypt. Moreover, she has been a speaker in many medical conferences and symposiums, lecturing on varied medical topics. In 2021, Nevein became a certified CDT/MLD Instructor for the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


Corporate Controller for TruMantra Education Group Damien A. Archambeau is a BCTMB and LMT of 20 years who specializes in therapeutic massage and rehabilitative massage therapy. Academically, he completed a degree in Applied Sciences with focus in Massage Therapy. Damien originally was introduced to the industry through his internationally accomplished grandfather, Masso- therapist, James Dispoto. Damien’s love of massage guided him to advance his knowledge in massage therapy to the next generation of massage therapists. Therefore, over the last 10 years, Damien ventured into the education sector of massage therapy as an educator and developed an advanced massage CE course called Myokinesio Therapy. Damien’s tenure and growth with the TruMantra Education Group saw him evolve into the role of the National Director of Career Services, and later into the position of the TruMantra Education’s Groups Corporate Controller. Additionally, Damien’s expertise as a business owner over the last 20 years enhances his role and performance as a Controller for the TruMantra Education Group. Damien chose to expand skills as a therapist in Manual Lymphatic Draining through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies and joined the team in 2021 as an instructor.


Michelle received her Bachelor's degree from Cornell University in 1999. After teaching English in Japan for 2 years, she moved to Arizona and received her Associates of Applied Science in Massage Therapy in 2003. She is currently the Education Director for ASIS Massage Education, overseeing four massage school campuses in Arizona. She has always enjoyed introducing new students to the art of massage therapy with humor and fun. Michelle now has expanded that approach to learning through teaching MLD courses with ACOLS. She is a Society for Oncology Preferred Practitioner and has served as a board member and past president of the Arizona chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association.


Morgan is a licensed massage therapist and massage educator that brings a passion and enthusiasm to his classes that is hard to match. He mixes high energy with depth of knowledge to immerse students in a creative and educational experience. As an educator, his focus is on enhancing skills and helping each therapist grow in their own unique styles. Morgan was educated at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mt. Kisco, NY and holds license to practice in both New York and Arizona. Morgan is a massage instructor at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies, where he enjoys working and developing students into new therapists. He is a Board Approved Continuing Education Provider through NCBTMB, and also teaches with Advanced BodyWork Education and LMT Success Group. He is the owner of Integrative Manual Bodywork, a practice that takes an integrative approach to manual therapy focusing on pain management, injury rehabilitation, and life in general.  Morgan became a certified MLD instructor for ACOLS in 2021.


Claire completed massage training at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies (ASIS Massage Education) in Prescott, AZ in 2012. She also studied at University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and ultimately completed her bachelors at Northern Arizona University. She has worked in clinical, rehabilitative settings throughout her career. She has conducted movement evaluation and education and how it relates to dysfunctional patterns in the body. Facilitating healing and promoting restoration, vitality, grace, and a sense of well-being is her goal! She currently works with ASIS Massage Education as an administrator assisting with day to day operations and also as an educator. She also has her own practice working alongside a physical therapy team serving Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area in her state of Arizona.


Physical therapist, Massage therapist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Manual Lymph Drainage Certified

Dr. Newcomb is a physical therapist, massage therapist and educator with a passion for learning and for the lymphatic system. She has a clinical background in orthopedics, pediatrics, lymphedema management, manual lymph drainage and therapeutic massage. She has taught children and adults and loves to be involved in her students’ learning process. In 2022 she started her own physical therapy and massage therapy practice to focus on manual lymph drainage and lymphedema management for breast cancer survivors.


James Bert is a Tennessee licensed massage therapist, certified lymphedema therapist, and has an Associate’s in exercise science. After a few years of nursing school, James fell in love with studying muscle function and complementary therapies and decided to pursue that as a career instead. He graduated from Miller-Motte Technical College in 2017 and has been working as a deep-tissue massage therapist ever since. James began looking into lymphatic work during the height of the 2020 pandemic and was astounded by the possible applications of MLD for people suffering from post-covid syndrome. He completed his CLT training with ACOLS in the spring of 2021 and has been working with the academy ever since. Studying with the academy also allowed him to open up his own practice, Nooga Massage and Lymphatics.


  Ginger Graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Health Related Professions in 1991 with BS in PT and then DPT in PT 2006. She completed her CLT training in 2000 through Academy of Lymphatic Studies and was LANA certified in 2001. She works full-time as lead therapist in a hospital based outpatient therapy setting treating lymphedema, lipedema, chronic venous insufficiency and wounds. She was the Lymphedema Management instructor at UMMC SHRP PT School from 2009-2021. Ginger Joined Academy of Lymphatic Studies as an instructor in 2021 and is enjoying educating more clinicians in the exciting, challenging field of lymphedema management. Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


Marilyn graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in 1985 from the University of Miami in Florida, her Bachelor of Human Biology and Master of Physical Therapy in 1998 from American International College in Springfield, MA.  She is a licensed PT in the State of North Carolina and has been certified by the NAWC as a Wound Care specialist since 2016. Marilyn has received all her lymphedema education from the Academy since receiving her MLD/CDT in 2005. She has held various positions including Director of Rehabilitation and worked throughout the country.  She has been dedicated to lymphedema program development and education at many facilities,  providing community education programs and guest lecturing on lymphedema at various schools.  Marilyn is currently working for Duke Lifepoint’s Maria Parham Health in Henderson, North Carolina, and instructing for the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. Instructor Disclosure: Financial- Honorarium from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies; Non-Financial- None


15 years of service in sports, medical massage therapy, and providing continuing education courses for massage therapists. My passions are deeply rooted in educating others about the human body, as well as helping people recover and heal from injuries/surgeries. I have a master's in health sciences with a focus in education and learning, and currently working on a EdD (Doctor of Education) in education and learning with a certification in executive leadership. My desire is to help create a stronger and more confident workplace environment for other healthcare professionals by bolstering knowledge of specific modalities. The goal is to help healthcare professionals become confident in their skill sets, so, they in turn can provide a safe and healing environment for their patients/client. This will help patients/clients feel secure in that they are receiving the best care possible.


Mary truly feels she found her calling when she entered massage school in 2017. Working in Oregon as a chiropractic assistant while attending massage school, Mary began to lay the groundwork for a career in helping people on their healing journey. In 2019 Mary was called back to teach at the Oregon School of Massage, where her passion for helping others also expanded to guiding students on their journey as well. Mary currently works in a physical therapy clinic in Washington and holds licenses in both Oregon and Washington. She has primarily worked in healthcare settings where she uses her diverse skills to help the physically injured as well as those simply experiencing the stresses of everyday life. Mary brings her excitement of how the body works and how we can help facilitate healing with our skills into the classroom. She firmly believes you learn better when you are having fun and will never miss the opportunity to laugh, even at herself.


Following completion of the Physical Therapist Assistant program at South University in 2019, Lily pursued certification in specialized therapy concentrations. Lily is a Complete Lymphedema Therapist and obtained MLD certification through ACOLS. She has been utilizing skills as a CLT and treating post-oncology patients at Jupiter Medical Center Hospital with relationships with The Anderson Family Cancer Institute and Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center. Lily presents inservice education on promoting optimal treatment measures in Physical Rehabilitation and provides lectures on conditions that would benefit from CDT/MLD. Eager to add to her current skill level as a Healthcare Professional, Lily obtained Registered Nurse Licensure in 2023 and is enrolled in an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse program to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. Lily is also a Certified Nutrition Coach as another passion is studying evidence based practices on use of nutrition for disease and illnesses. Lily aspires to be an advocate on educating others on the Lymphatic System in conjunction with Health and Wellness for utmost beneficial effects.


Dr. Tiffiny Taylor received her Doctor of Nursing Practice in Education and Executive Leadership from Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has completed multiple courses in education to include guest lecturing opportunities. She is MLD certified and an MLD instructor. Dr. Taylor has worked in multiple nursing executive leadership roles to include the Chief Nurse of Operations, overseeing multiple service lines including all student programs for greater than 25 years. She most recently managed the newly graduated nurses and oversaw an evidence-based practice course with a research project to ensure research is a focal point in nursing processes and change. Education is her first passion focused on ensuring safe practitioners are caring for the public. She is committed to providing the same quality education to students, regardless of their background, age, or race. She firmly believes in communicating clearly and promptly with students, always being transparent in my interactions and feedback. She is passionate about engaging with students in new and innovative ways. Rather than just lecturing for an entire class, she loves to interact with students using games, projects, and quizzes. Nursing Curriculum Advisor.


Geeta is a licensed Occupational Therapist in Maryland with a strong background in lymphedema management. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy in 2004 and started her career in pediatrics in India. Geeta's dedication to her field led her to pursue a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy at Boston University's Sargent College of Rehabilitation. In 2016, Geeta became a certified lymphedema therapist, which marked the beginning of her extensive experience in the field of lymphedema, particularly within the vascular domain, where she has worked full-time for more than seven years. She has also gained valuable experience in breast cancer rehabilitation, further expanding her expertise. Geeta is not only a practitioner but also an enthusiastic educator in the field of lymphedema. When she's not immersed in clinical work, you'll find her tending to her garden, expressing her creativity through painting, or enjoying quality time with her energetic 9-year-old son, who keeps her on her toes. In 2023, Geeta joined the team at ACOLS (Academy of Lymphatic Studies) as an instructor, and she's excited to be a part of this remarkable group of educators. Her passion lies in educating clinicians and individuals about effective lymphedema management, and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience to make a positive impact in the field.


Dr. Brown-Cross is a Vodder trained, Certified Lymphedema Specialist. She is the former Chair of the Physical Therapy Division at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, and the former Director of the Entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). She received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy degree at Kean College/New Jersey University of Medicine and Dentistry, an MBA at the University of South Florida, and a Doctorate in Education at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Brown-Cross has served on the Florida Physical Therapy Association‘s (FPTA) Board of Directors, as a Florida Assembly representative, and as chair and member of various committees at the chapter level. Additionally, she has served as an American Physical Therapy Association’s Conference Committee member, as a National PT Examination Item Writer and as a Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) Academic Site Visit Team Leader. Dr Brown-Cross’s passions are serving underserved populations, improving diversity in the physical therapy profession, and facilitating excitement about post-mastectomy lymphedema management. She has co-authored journal articles that have been published in Lymphology, Isokinetics and Exercise Science, Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice, Home Health Care Management and Practice, Journal of Clin Physiol. Funct. Imaging, and the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. She has previously presented educational sessions and posters at the American Physical Therapy Exposition, Combined Sections Meetings, the World Confederation for Physical Therapy 15th International Congress, and the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and Medical Forum.


Veronica Taboada graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Texas in 2010. She completed her MLD-C and Management of Post Plastic Surgery Procedures training in 2022 from The Academy of Lymphatic Studies after researching and realizing the misinformation and lack of providers available in her area. Her primary focus is to help post plastic surgery patients in education about MLD, while helping in the recovery journey.  She opened her practice in 2022 and has created relationships with Plastic surgeons in town to help with continuation of care for their patients. She helps bridge the gap between surgery and recovery. She loves to teach and is looking forward to bringing her experience to ACOLS starting in 2024.


Desiring to help people for a career while raising two children as a single mom, Denise began her massage training at Cortiva Institute, Tucson in 2012 with a 750-hour program, traveling 75 miles each way to school, finishing with a 3.95GPA and national certification with the NCETM. She then returned to Las Vegas to start Legitimate Massage in 2013. Denise believes her calling is to help others through the gift of safe therapeutic touch. Her training has been focused on neuromuscular, sports and orthopedic techniques, then evolved to Thai Yoga table massage, Usui Reiki Master, 200-Hour Yoga Instructor training, and ICBCH Hypnotherapy. In early 2023 Denise completed her Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage certification as well as Post-Operative MLD for Plastic Surgery via the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. The training and modality were so powerful and effective, she had to apply to become an instructor for ACOLS. Denise recently completed her Novice Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning, a form of change-work that accesses the autonomic nervous system to reach better self-understanding and personal growth without retraumatizing. Her current business endeavors include mentoring independent massage therapists, and building a thriving practice with her business partner, Athena Perusse, at their location in Las Vegas: Wellness Massage.


I'm Catherine Healy, a physical therapist for 8 years, specializing in lymphedema therapy for 7 years. Lymphedema is often overlooked and misunderstood even within the medical community, and as someone with a personal connection to this condition, I find it an honor to help others who are experiencing similar struggles. I'm passionate about spreading awareness and educating others about this often-overlooked condition. Originally from North Carolina, I completed my Doctorate in physical therapy at Winston-Salem State University. When I'm not working, I enjoy running, baking, reading, and playing complex board games.


Caitlin is a Board Certified (BCTMB) NH licensed massage therapist certified in lymphatic drainage, a Reiki Master and a Celtic Shaman. Receiving her massage license in early 2022 finally gave her the opening to fulfill a lifelong dream. In her varied life professions(sous chef, auto mechanic, carpenter, project supervisor, to name a few), she has been a trainer and educator, firmly believing people grow and learn best when taught to help themselves. Her role as massage therapist has permitted her to share her excitement of anatomy and how the body works in order to educate her clients, allowing them to understand everyday aches and pains as well as acute and chronic injuries. She completed her MLD-C in late 2022 and has worked to incorporate it into the spa environment where she works. Lack of knowledge and practitioners pushed her to move into teaching with ACOLS in order to help make lymphatic work available to more people.


Cynthia Piasta has had the pleasure of working as an Occupational Therapist since 2006 when she graduated with a Master’s Degree from New York University. Since that time, she has been working in various settings with a wide variety of populations. In 2014, she pursued a Lymphedema Certification which led to a passion for treating people with lymphatic conditions. Cynthia is a lifelong learner and has continued with certifications in Oncology Rehabilitation as well as further lymphedema training. Her focus in the future is providing her clients with evidence based, patient-centered care while also being an advocate and educator in the healthcare community.


Thomas received his BS in Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University in Cheney Washington in 1991. Practice areas have included orthopedics, especially foot-related issues, Lymphedema and swelling disorders and, more recently, practices in both a Home Care setting for CenterWell Home Health and in an Acute Care setting for Dignity Health in Folsom, California. He is a member of the NLN and is certified by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA). Additionally, he received extensive skin and wound care management education from the Wound Care Education Institute. Thomas joined the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in 2008 as an assistant instructor, completing instructor training in 2009.


Academy of Lymphatic Studies Instructor/Affiliate - Saudi Arabia

Nouf received her Bachelor degree in Physical therapy from King Saud University, Riyadh, and college of applied medical sciences in 1996. She worked as physical therapist in both in and outpatient neurology and oncology for 4 years and received her CDT certification in May 2000 at the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. Since then she is working and specializing in that field. Nouf received an advanced course at the Lymphology congress in Genoa, Italy Sept 2001. She is a member of the ISL and the NLN and regularly lectures to medical professionals and PT students on lymphedema management.


Academy of Lymphatic Studies Instructor/Affiliate - Turkey

Mrs. Kablan graduated from Hacettepe University (Turkey), SBF, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in 1998. She completed her Master Science studies in the field of Exercise Physiology at Middle East Technical University in 2004, and also her doctorate (PhD) studies in the field of Sports Health at Marmara University in 2018. With the training she received from Foeldi School in 2008, she became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and began working in this field. Mrs. Kablan received additional training, including "How to Take Measurements for Compression Garments" from BSN-Jobst Institute in 2009 and "Advanced Wound Management" from Lohmann & Raucher Institute in 2010. In 2015, she completed "Wound Care and Compression Therapy in Venous Ulcers" from Jobst Academy Turkey and the Complete Lymphedema Certification (MLD/CDT) course from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in the United States. Also in 2015, she began her instructor training for the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. She became a certified instructor for the Academy and began teaching in Turkey in 2016. Having fulfilled studies intensely with the lymphatic and phlebolithic patient groups since 2007, she has gained a competent clinical experience in this field as well. She is currently working as a Assoc. Prof. at Istanbul Medeniyet University.


Academy of Lymphatic Studies Instructor/Affiliate - Chile

Layla is a physical therapist since 2006 from the San Sebastian University in Chile. She received her first training in the Leduc method in 2007 when she began to treat patients with lymphedema. Layla became certified lymphedema therapist at the academy of lymphatics studies in 2016 and she obtained a master's degree in lymphology and phlebology in 2018. She became a certified instructor of the Academy of Lymphatics Studies in 2019. Layla currently has her own lymphology clinic. She is also a speaker at different congresses and conferences nationally and internationally.


Medical Advisor for Academy of Lymphatic Studies


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