Complete Lymphedema Certification (Hybrid Format)

The Complete Lymphedema Certification Course is an intensive 135-hour certification training medical professionals to successfully treat and manage lymphedema affecting different parts of the body, as well as other related conditions.


Lymphedema is an accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the superficial tissues and is a very common and serious condition worldwide. It has important pathological and clinical consequences for the patient if left untreated.

Secondary lymphedema is often caused by trauma to the lymphatic system, such as surgery, injury, scarring, infection and radiation therapy. Post-mastectomy lymphedema of the upper extremity caused by breast cancer treatment is very common in the United States.

Another cause for lymphedema is malformations of the lymphatic system (primary lymphedema). In such cases the swelling may appear after simple accidents such as sports injuries, which can suddenly overload the lymphatic system.

Course Objective

Each course participant will be trained in the four components of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) and the management of lymphedema affecting a variety of peripheral body parts - upper and lower extremities, head and neck, exterior genitalia, truncal swelling, pediatric lymphedema, post-surgical and post-traumatic swelling, lymphedema caused by chronic venous insufficiencies and other pathologies, lipedema and more. Upon completion of this course participants will be able to differentiate between a variety of peripheral edemas and understand the medical indications and contraindications of CDT. Furthermore the therapist will be able to establish a treatment plan for individuals with chronic extremity lymphedema and other conditions and perform the treatment accordingly.

Class Topics

  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the lymphatic system
  • Basic and advanced techniques of MLD and CDT
  • Treatment of primary and secondary lymphedema as well as related conditions
  • Introduction to the treatment of pediatric lymphedema, head/neck and genital lymphedema
  • Lymphedema bandaging techniques for upper and lower extremities
  • Decongestive exercises for lymphedema patients
  • Measuring techniques for edema (volumetric and circumferential)
  • Measuring techniques for compression garments (with certification) - JUZO, Solaris
  • Home maintenance and self-treatment for lymphedema patients
  • Hygienic skin and nail care for lymphedema
  • Indications and contraindications for MLD and CDT
  • Billing issues for lymphedema therapy
  • Also included:

  • ACOLS periodically offers advanced and review classes

Course Format

The Academy of Lymphatic Studies pioneered research-based lymphedema training in the United States in the early 90’s, using our traditional program that required students to spend two full weeks in off-site, classroom training. The Academy is now providing a more dynamic, accelerated course format which meticulously blends the optimal mix of online and classroom hours to provide our students with unparalleled quality of instruction.

The Complete Lymphedema Certification Course consists of 135 hours of intermediate-level education.

Part One:
Students will complete a 45-hour online, self-paced, home study program prior to attending Part Two of the course.

Part Two:
Students attend a 40-hour virtual portion of the course from the comfort of their own homes. This part of the course is delivered by a certified instructor live via a virtual platform.

Part Three:
Students attend a 50-hour live classroom portion of the course, which is delivered in just 5 days. This is the part of the course where students come together to learn and practice the techniques and treatment sequences for five days prior to taking the written exam on Friday and the hands-on exam on the last day.

Upon successful completion of all three parts, the student will be a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT)!


To attend our Complete Lymphedema Certification Course, as per the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA®) requirements, participants must have the following:

  • Current, unrestricted licensure as an RN, OT, COTA, PT, PTA, MD, DO, ATC, DC or Massage Therapists who have completed 500 massage school hours and/or National Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Certification.

Registration Process

  1. Select the course date and location of your choice from our Schedule of Courses and register. Students MUST register for the course at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the course to ensure adequate time to complete the Home Study Program prior to attending the 9-day live course.
  2. Students prepare for the theoretical portion of the program using our Home Study/Online Portal. Our online portal contains 7 learning modules with exams. Students study each module and complete the exam at the end of each module. Students must pass each exam with a grade of 90% or better to proceed to the next module and must have the entire home study completed no later than 2 days before the course begins.
  3. Additional exams are administered during the 9 days of classroom time. If the student successfully completes the 135 hours of study and passes all of the exams, the student will be a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT).


The tuition for the Complete Lymphedema Certification course is $3350.00. A minimum deposit of $1000.00 is required at the time of registration and will secure your spot in the course. The balance of the tuition is due thirty (30) days prior to the first day of class.

Financing options and payment plans are available if needed.

Included with the Tuition:

  • Complete and Comprehensive Certification (135 hours)
  • Textbook for Comprehensive Lymphedema Management
  • Comprehensive Course Manual
  • CD for Limb Volume Calculation
  • Complete Compression Bandage Set for the Upper and Lower Extremity
  • Certification for Compression Garment Fitting (JUZO)
  • All Academy graduates who successfully pass the 135-hour certification course are fully certified and may sit for the LANA National Exam for Lymphedema Therapists. For more information visit
  • Graduates receive free support via email for consulting services, therapist resource listing and more.

Class Preparation

Upon receiving your deposit, a confirmation package containing the course book and home study materials will be sent to you. The confirmation package will also contain information regarding the location of the course and any relevant travel and hotel information.

In preparation for the class, you must complete the 45-hour home study and take all of the exams. The home study must be completed at least 3 days prior to the start of the course.


The classroom hours are 8am – 7pm daily. The last day of class is testing day, so class will start at 8am, but the ending times can vary depending on the number of students to be tested. Please be prepared to stay up to 9pm on the last day and plan return flights accordingly. There will be approximately one hour for lunch every day.

Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)

CEU's are available. Each state and profession is different, so please contact our Admissions Department for more detailed information regarding CEU approvals.

The Complete Lymphedema Certification course meets the educational prerequisites to complete the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA®) certification (for more information visit Academy of Lymphatic Studies is an approved provider for AOTA, NCBTMB and various state professional boards. Please call for details.

The Academy of Lymphatic Studies is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development. PD activity approval ID# 4063. This live activity is offered at 13.5 CEUs, advanced, OT service delivery. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA.


Name Date City State  
Hybrid -Complete Lymphedema Certification M-T Apr 29-May 2; May 6-9; May 13-16; 6-9pm each day May 20 6-10pm CST Apr 29, 2024 Webinar Register
Hybrid -Complete Lymphedema Certification M-T Jun 3-6; Jun 10-13; Jun 17-20; 6-9pm each day Jun 24 6-10pm CST Jun 03, 2024 Webinar Register
Hybrid -Complete Lymphedema Certification M-T Jul 8-11; Jul 15-18; Jul 22-25; 6-9pm each day Jul 29 6-10pm CST Jul 08, 2024 Webinar Register
Hybrid -Complete Lymphedema Certification M-T Aug 5-8; Aug 12-15; Aug 19-22; 6-9pm each day Aug 26 6-10pm CST Aug 05, 2024 Webinar Register
Hybrid -Complete Lymphedema Certification M-T Sep 9-12; Sep 16-19; Sep 23-26; 6-9pm each day Sep 30 6-10pm CST Sep 09, 2024 Webinar Register
Hybrid -Complete Lymphedema Certification M-T Oct 7-10; Oct 14-17; Oct 21-24; 6-9pm each day Oct 28 6-10pm CST Oct 07, 2024 Webinar Register
Hybrid -Complete Lymphedema Certification M-T Nov 4-7; Nov 11-14; Nov 18-21; 6-9pm each day Nov 25 6-10pm CST Nov 04, 2024 Webinar Register
Hybrid -Complete Lymphedema Certification M-T Dec 2-5; Dec 9-12; Dec 16-19; 6-9pm each day Dec 23 6-10pm CST Dec 02, 2024 Webinar Register

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