Complete Lymphedema Certification in 2023!

Complete Lymphedema Certification in 2023! Presented by the Academy of Lymphatic Studies Subscribe Today! As lymphedema awareness and diagnosis increases in North America, so does the need for Certified Lymphedema Therapists to meet the increasing demand for qualified professional to work with those affected with lymphedema. Secondary lymphedema is often caused by trauma to the… Read More

The Lymphletter the Academy of Lymphatic Studies Newsletter!

THE LYMPHLETTER Welcome to Lymphedema Awareness 2023! Presented by the Academy of Lymphatic Studies Subscribe Today! It is the beginning of 2023! Changes and resolutions always seem to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind around the New Year. One may choose to better their life by decluttering space, or starting a healthy regiment of… Read More

The Lymphedema Treatment Act


This article was written by Heather Ferguson, the Founder and Executive Director of the Lymphedema Advocacy Group. Heather’s relationship with lymphedema began with the birth of her twin boys, Devdan and Dylan, in September of 2006. Dylan was born with primary lymphedema. Her desire to advocate on behalf of lymphedema patients took root when she . . . → Read More: The Lymphedema Treatment Act

Obesity and Lymphedema


Early diagnosis and intervention of lymphedema are crucial for optimal treatment results. Whether lymphedema is caused by developmental abnormalities (primary lymphedema), or surgery/radiation to the lymphatic system (secondary lymphedema), the possible long-term physical and psycho-social burden resulting from untreated or mistreated lymphedema can be serious.

The classification of lymphedema into primary and secondary has . . . → Read More: Obesity and Lymphedema